On Advertisements and Self-promotion

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On Advertisements and Self-promotion
« on: January 31, 2018, 12:55:06 PM »
So this is what I'm thinking....

I know a lot of us have projects we're working on - and we kind of want to tell people about them - likewise I know sometimes talking about what you're doing can feel kind of intrusive and spammy and salesy.

The thing is, I want to know about that kind of stuff, and I guess probably most of you do too.

So that's what the "Your News" board is for.
  • Post about your Kindle Scout or Kickstarter campaign.
  • Tell us when your book is available for pre-order or free on Kindle.
  • Tell us when you've set up a new blog or started a new story on Wattpad.
  • Drop a link to a poem just published in an online magazine.
  • Let us know where to vote for you in the Shorty Awards or the Podcast Awards (and let us know if you win!)

Stuff like that.

There are also fields in your profile where you can put links to your stuff online. There's a place for your Kindle author page, your Wattpad and AO3, your website and social media. (If there's something you think should be there and isn't, let me know, it's easy to add one.)

You can also use the "signature" section to link your new book on Kindle or your blog or something else you're proud of and hope people will check out.

Obviously the last thing the internet needs is another place where people are trying to sell stuff, and if you just need a break from it and don't want to feel like you have to market your brand here, you absolutely don't have to ever post in, or even look at this board. You can totally just hang out and be you.  :heart: